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9 Things Your Migration Agent Can't Do For You

Last Updated 18 August 2016 - Written by Julie Tariel

Migration agents can help you with your visa application, but they can't work wonders. Some things are just out of their these...

# 1  Guarantee

Give you a 100% guarantee that your application will be successful - Your agent can help you navigate the hurdles, but they can't guarantee that your application will be successful.


# 2  Rejection

Reverse a visa rejection - If your visa application has been rejected, your migration agent can't reverse this decision. Your agent  can help you lodge an appeal at the Migration and Refugee Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, obtain a review of your rejection and maybe get you a bridging visa for the meantime or they can help you apply for a different visa, but your agent can't reverse the rejection as such.


# 3  Lack

Make up for a lack of qualifications or experience - If you lack the required qualifications or experience for an application, your agent can guide you how to fill this gap. But they can't make this gap less relevant or disappear. Only you can do that by getting the required qualifications or experience.


# 4  Sponsor

Find you a sponsor - Sponsors are hard to find. It would be very unusual that a migration agent happens to know a sponsor who is looking for exactly the skill set you are offering. So you usually engage a migration agent after you found your sponsor.

457 sponsoring companies


# 5  Force

Force your employer to sponsor you - Your employer is free to decide whether or not to sponsor you. Your agent has no control over that. However, if your employer has offered to sponsor you in return for money or something else, then your agent can advise you where to get legal advice.


# 6  Fee

Force your sponsor to pay your fees -  There are rules for each visa determining who pays what. Your agent can't force your employer to pay your share.


# 7  Documents

Procure your documents - Your agent can advise you what documents you need and ensure they are complete when lodged, but agents can't organise the actual documents. You need to call around and get these together.


# 8  Translation

Certify the translation of your documents - Even though your agent might speak your mother tongue, your agent is not allowed to certify the translation of your documents. Only a certified translator can do this.

dpcuments for 457 sponsorship


# 9  Fee

Help you pay the visa fee - You will need to pay a fee for almost any visa. Your agent is not allowed to pay this fee on your behalf (and then request something in return) or lend you the money or instruct your employer to pay this fee.

457 sponsorship visa fee



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Disclaimer - Please take this post as general advice only, consider whether the information is appropriate to your needs and seek professional advice from a migration agent or lawyer, where appropriate. Australia's migration legislation is subject to change and can do so at any moment without prior notice.


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